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Their love will be with me.

Chapter 1: Their love will be with me.

by LuthienTinuviel

As I turned back behind
to look upon that shore
how I wish that times were kind
what remains in songs of lore

no longer will I walk again
amongst the woodland realm
never will I brave the rain
in the midst of an angry storm

my friends are now old and gone
where I could not follow
sadly never will I see joy borne
by mortals and their sorrows

never will I turn to see
the favoured longbottom leaf
good halflings burns in glee
as I see them away in grief

with Gimli still yet barely so
as beyond beckons him rest
to see him where I cannot go
though I know itís for the best

the gift of elvesí immortal life
seems more of now a bane
even in peace, lack of strife
I shall be alone again

in ages and cycles gone by
and all this a distant memory
I shall not regret nor cry
as their love will be with me

their love shall remain with me.